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Hecate College


If you thought of this school as a Victorian version of Hogwarts crossed with the Unseen University from Pratchett's Discworld you'd be getting close to where I was headed with this build. It's built to fit in with my Steampunk theme even though it is less obvious. 


  • Revolving observatory with telescope accessible by broom
  • School library
  • Witchcraft and headology department
  • Alchemist department with blast wall
  • Apothecary department
  • Greenhouse
  • School kitchen
  • Bell/clock tower
  • Lightning rod and gargoyle
  • Four staff members and six students


  • For access, the top roof detaches (modular) and the building opens into halves using hinges. To support the weight, base plates also move with these hinges. 
  • While renders, it does miss some details. Please note the glass ceiling in the LDD screenshots. 
  • Original build had over 500 more bricks. Final figure is 2997 excluding minifigures.
  • I was keen to add the 9 volt battery with lights under the stairs but this wasn't in LDD (to my knowledge). This would have been a cool night time feature as there is a light well in the design.

Hope you like this latest addition. Cheers

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