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    Baymax from disney's Big Hero 6. I loved the movie especially the character baymax.The model was inspired by my sister's toy. As you  can see, the build is not to scale to the movie, instead i made the body smaller as it will be too big and expensive if i try to make it to scale. The red battery box can be closed just like in the movie. It is a great looking display set.

    If this creation becomes a set, there could be minifigs of other characters. As the build is small, the price will be only about 10 to 15 us dollars, and about 150 pieces. The build is very sturdy and will not break easily. It uses all legal building techniques except the lego string for the eyes. But that could be easily fixed by using a print for the eye if this become a lego set. Baymax is such an iconic disney character that will make a popular and fun lego set to have.

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