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The Puppet Theater


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Theatre is a collaborative form of performing arts, to present a real or imagined experience to a live audience. But in the recent years, it has taken a different meaning. We now associate the Theatre with movies, actors, actresses, songs, and much more. One type of theater is: Puppets! Puppets are models of humans, animals, mythical creatures, or anything, as long as it moves. They are controlled by hands, and a puppet theater is a type of theater in which the puppets, which will be moving, are displayed to the live audience.
About the project
Puppet theaters are something one can make at home, out of paper, cardboard, glue, scissors and some tape. But it would be extraordinary to see a puppet theater in the form of a LEGO set. Therefore, I would like to present you, the LEGO Puppet Theater! This puppet theater is realistic, and you can actually control the puppets. All the features given in this Idea will help you put on a great show!
This idea contains:
  • 2 Puppets (1 wearing a sweater, 1 wearing a suit)
  • 3 2x10 sticks (to control the movement of the whole body of the puppet)
  • 2 connectors (to connect the 2x10 sticks to the puppets)
  • 2 head sticks (to control the movement of the head of the puppet)
  • A small container for storing the puppets :)
  • 2 background scenes (1 of a house, another one of a tree)
  • And of course, a theater.
How it works
  1. Assemble the puppet (assembled puppet is shown in the 8th and 9th image).
  2. You can see a bottom bar, a middle empty space, and a top bar. (See the 2nd image).
  3. A beam above the empty space is loosely placed. You can remove it, place a background scene, and place it back there again. (See the 10th image).
  4. Slide the puppet into the theater using the empty space given at the sides of the theater. Make sure that the 2x10 stick at the bottom of the puppet's body goes through the bottom bar and the head stick, for controlling the head of the puppet, slides through the upper bar.
  5. Your Puppet Theater is ready!

Total Piece Count : 750

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