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Mini-Cars V1


Whats up people of the Internet? This is the first part of a Mini Series of small cars. I had the ratio of a minifig compared to the size of these cars at 1 Stud. So, I will make several volumes of these types of cars, and I thought maybe in the last  picture of every one of them, Ill put all the cars I had made previously into it. Just like in the last picture of this one, I put a copy of the first picture in. I averaged out the amount of pictures per car and it should be somewhere from 3 to 5, so expect that many unless it is a very detailed one (You should expect one of those too) so I really hope you all enjoy these mini-cars... but even if you don't like these, if I could get 100 supporters on this project by the 18th, I will make sure to put 2 extra special cars (To your suggestions in the comments of course) in V3! You might get your car in! Make sure to put your comment in after 100, and I will see it, Thanks!


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