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Lego Grocery Store


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The Lego Grocery Store is a 32x32 stud large store.  Often when buying a Lego building, I want to get two in order to have a closed building.  Because of this, I have created this store to be able to open up the back section thus being able to access the inside of the building, and still be able to have it closed all the way around at other times.  The following are some of the items included in this set:

  1. 5 minifigures, 2 cashiers, and 3 shoppers.
  2. 5 loaves of bread.
  3. 6 steaks.
  4. 6 hot dogs.
  5. 6 croissants.
  6. 4 carrots
  7. 4 apples
  8. 2 bananas

And many more.

This set was built in Lego Digital Designer (ldd) and has not been built with real actual lego pieces.