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Lego Zoo!


It is a zoo that minifigures can go to. The animals are very fun and playful. The zoo is fun for play because it has so many animals and minifigures in the set. so if this is approved by lego and becomes a set, kid would love the play value for this zoo set. This is why the zoo is going to be fun to play with. It even has a clown that can do face paint. I added a tree for three bats and one squirrel.

That this is all  not on a platform. I recommend you buy a platform for this set. These mini builds for the zoo are really easy so kids of all ages can play and build with this set. I do not reccommend for a three year old or youger play with this because it has a lot of small pieces. There are 12 animals. Three bats, one squirrel, one turtle, two dogs one sheperd one chiwawa, one frog, one monkey, one lion, one crab, one bunny, and one starfish. This set has one cage, two ponds, and one tree. Last this is that there are six minifigures.

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