Product Idea



Did you ever wanted live on peaceful island with a tree house? Here it is!


My first idea was to build a simple tree house in woods. What actually inspired me was a picture similar to my LEGO project but in real life. It had so many details that i said to myself: " I have to do this! ". For building technique of trees I went to the woods and I was looking for the tree which was in my head. What I added last were the details. 


This creation has 1330 bricks. Roof can be removed so you can play in it. It has moving windows too so you shouldn't remove entire roof if you are showing inside of tree house to someone. Where is the entrance? It is hidden in a tree which you can see on a third picture.


Why I want that this become a official LEGO set is that It could inspire architects of tree houses. I know that they do much larger tree houses than this :) but who knows. Maybe it WILL inspire them to make a real life tree house like their idea inspired me.