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Very Interesting


If one can go against the gravity force, cycling on the wall or riding a motorbike on the bus stop sign, it must be very interesting.

This interesting little set includes:

  • 2 minifigures (2 young men).
  • 3 animals (a brown cat, owl and a white dog) plus a teddy bear.
  • a bus stop scene.
  • a brown wall.
  • a red bicycle and a red motorbike. 
  • a yellow bench and a bus stop sign.
  • 2 advertisements and a warrant (on the wall).
  • a comic (on the bicycle).
  • a breakfast cereal (on the motorbike).
  • an ice-cream (for the young man who rides a bicycle).
  • a pure milk, red canned drink, chocolate milk, purple cup drink, lunch box, cat food and an orange juice (on the ground).

I built this little set because I think that is an interesting good idea.

I believe this little set would be a great set because it is really original, unique and creative. Besides, this little set also contains some cool printed pieces.

I hope that all of you will like this interesting little set.

Thank you.

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