Star Wars Architecture Line

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This project does not offer a play theme. Though there are multiple models below, I believe that either only one will be produced, a grouping of multiple, or all in one set.

After the success of my Lord of the Rings Architecture Line, I decided to make a Star Wars version.

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All would come with a stand and a booklet of facts.

Cloud City. Would include a stand, and a booklet of facts about the city. Could include a minifigure. Includes around 50 pieces.

Imperial Landing Platform. Would also include a stand. Hopefully a mini Imperial Shuttle would be included. Includes 200 pieces.

The Senate. This needs a lot of work. Please support even without the good model, if you like the other ones. I am going to be updating this frequently. Includes 200 pieces.

The Jedi Temple. This is my favorite, and would probably be the one produced. Includes 400 pieces.

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Project History:
Project Started: 8/25/13
1 Supporter: 8/25/13
5 Supporters: 8/25/13
10 Supporters: 8/25/13