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Tractor URSUS C-330 M from Poland


URSUS C-330 M - version of a light tractor produced since 1986 in Poland.
This presented model has 32cm lenght, 19cm width, 21cm height.

The presented model contains:
- Movable steering wheel
- Rear linkage, working up / down with the handwheel located behind the seat
- A rotating relay shaft, working during the model moves
- A manual pneumatic pressure pump, which is transmitted compressed air to the manual lever located on the right fender
- Movable (when the model moves) two-cylinder engine under the hood
- Radiator fan - rotating when the model moves

Visual elements:
- Ignition switch
- Sound signal - imitation
- Starter - imitation
- Compressor - imitation
- Air tank - imitation
- Clutch pedal - when pressed, it returns to the previous position
- Dashboard with clocks
- Lever adding "gas" on the right side of the steering wheel
- Accumulators located near fenders
- Oil filter
- Fuel filters
- Drawbars - front with pin, rear top and bottom with pins
- Bolt holder for attaching suspended machines

The URSUS C-330 M model is a great model for collectors and everyone who wants to work on a small farm in the LEGO world.

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