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Hot Rod Coffin Cruiser

In the dark of night the streets fill with vampires, werewolves and zombies! But how better for them to get back to their crypts before daybreak than the custom Hot Rod Coffin Cruiser! Glossy black bodywork, golden trim and an engine spewing flames is guaranteed to attract attention and clear the roads for a night of spooky mayhem!
I originally designed this car as part of a line of Hot Rods for the city set but it turned out so creepy cool I think it would be a great addition to the Monster Hunters.

Nice profile!
While yellow and grey would probably look okay, I used #310 Metallized Gold and #309 Metallized Silver for this rendering.

Rear view showing open ended design.

With the zombified driver the Coffin Cruiser totals 120 bricks.

Grrraaarrr........need coffee........
I was going for an undertaker style. I tried the top hat but it looked wrong. Too proper.

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