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AIMBOT - AI Military BOT - Infantry Robot


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Hi everyone. Koenator2 here with another project! This one I call the AIMBOT: AI Military Bot.

It is a very stable and durable model, great for posing into awesome positions! It has two rotors perfect for flying as well as high powered machine-guns to wipe out the baddies. Everything can move including the legs, arms, head, rotors, gun, and even the flaps on the back and on the arms so it can control flight. The head consists of a light and two light machine-guns mounted on the bottom.

I hope to add this concept to my future lego military designs. It represents a small portion of a large war with two sides: The Robots and the Humans. This is obviously on the robot side.

I suspect this model would be around $50, and would probably be medium difficulty.

I gained a lot of inspiration for this from multiple other exo-skeleton like robots, and decided I would make one that would just be a robot, rather than a human-controlled vehicle.

Thanks for checking it out! I hope you enjoyed it!

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