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(Crystal Dragonfly) Anti-Communication Space VTOL


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I was told to give a better description.

An ancient alien race developed this space craft, from pure crystal stones. Even the droids that pilot the, "Crystal Dragonfly".

  1. Eng/Prop:The craft runs on a Xena-solar intake system and needs less than 8 mins of direct sunlight, on any one of it's 12 panels, to fully recharge, the 4 cold fusion thermal reactors, for an another 100 cycles (about 3 earth years).
  2. Computer Systems: Tragtar xxvssell10million `processor half-step simi-processor turbo-trix
  3. Weapon Systems: 2 Forward facing recoilless  3.2mm ion cannons. 1000rm infinite ammo in sunlight.

The aliens developed this craft to observe any hostile races living with in 800x10 light years, to intercept all communications, translate, and compile data's for study and or research purposes.  

The mission was observation and avoid detection. But they also avoid their creators. And cannot be float aimlessly in space looking for contact to avoid....

NASA Confirmed UFO sighting (j/k)

Android controlled Crystal Anti-Communications. VTOL.

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