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Architecture: Pinnacle@Duxton


The Pinnacle@Duxton is a high-rise, 1,848-unit apartment complex that is located in the Republic of Singapore. It is the first 50-storey public housing project in Singapore, comprising of 7 towering apartment blocks that are linked together by 2 sky-bridges on the 26th and 50th storeys. The configuration of the sky-bridges and sky-terraces on the upper deck allows for a long, continuous sky garden, which offers panoramic views of the city skyline.

When building this model, I decided to place greater emphasis on the overall form of the building complex, so I placed lesser details of the spaces on the ground level and around the site. To make it look as close to its real-life counterpart, I tried to mimic the facade of the complex in mini-scale, in an attempt to convey the similar feel that the architectural language brings as seen on the real building when viewing from afar off. In reality, the building complex is huge, so it would be pretty awesome to own and be able to admire a miniature replica of it close-up, I am impressed with the resultant look, as it really makes for an excellent display piece as well as a conversation starter when any visitors decided to pay you a visit.

I am confident that the Pinnacle@Duxton would make a great Lego set for most architectural fans: from those who love the way buildings can be connected by sky-bridges, to those of us who simply love admiring how building arrangements can grant that sense of fluidity or seeing beauty in sophistication through good, facade design.

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