Product Idea

Mining Shovel - CAT 6020B Replica

Engine Module Details


Hello, in this update I'd like to give some more detail on the power unit for the shovel.  Inside there are three main assemblies: the cooler, the hydraulic pumps, and the most detailed item: the engine.  Vents are built into the walls to allow plenty of ventilation, and it allows a view to the details of the engine and hydraulics.

I tried to include many of the details from a large diesel engine, as shown below.  I find that the variety of colors used on the engine help to give it some depth and make the details more distinctive.

1st Update - Additional Views



First, thanks for all the great comments and support so far!

In this first update, I wanted to provide some additional views.  I realized my first submission did not include views of the back or center of the machine, so I've added couple today.

  1. REAR VIEWS:  The views from the rear show the counterweight section, rear handrails, rear lights, and vents in the engine house.
  2. CENTER SECTION:  I also added a couple of pictures to show the hydraulic lines connecting to the attachment.  Here you can see various hydraulic filters, valves, and tubes.

Also, for more information on the real machine, I invite you to check it out here:

CHECK BACK AGAIN FOR THE NEXT UPDATE:  I'll show more detail on the engine and hydraulics!