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Mining Shovel - CAT 6020B Replica


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This model is a replica of the new Caterpillar 6020B hydraulic mining shovel.  The intent was to create a minifig scale model that would match the look of the real thing from most angles.


  • Bucket and linkage can be reconfigured to different positions, including parked, digging, lifting, and dumping.
  • The model includes a V engine, hydraulics, and radiator in the engine module.  The walls have real vents that allow you to view the engine inside!
  • The operator cab has a seat for an operator and seat for a trainer or observer.  An HVAC unit is included on the back of the cab and a fire extinguisher is in easy reach just outside.
  • Minifigs can access the model on the retractable stairway.  Ladders are also provided on the right side and beneath the cab walkway.
  • Railings are provided around the shovel for minifig safety!


  • 39 cm long x 24 cm wide x 23 cm tall (as shown in main picture).
  • Model is over 1300 pieces.
  • Modular design makes for easy subassembly of the pieces.

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