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Lego Doctor Who Gridlock Hover Car


Hi everyone! My very first lego ideas project is for all of the other Whovians out there! I have constructed one of the Hover Cars from the episode Gridlock. As you can see, it is a very detailed model that I hope is at least nominated for a real Lego set! I got the idea for this after AndrewClark's Doctor Who idea became a set and I wanted for there to be more Doctor Who sets! The top of the Hover Car has two flaps on it, under which are dials, and many head lights. On the inside I have a computer monitor for the occupants to watch the news (Just like they do in the episode) and a fold out stove/oven with a A.C. unit built in.

The Hover Car also has a stand that you can set it above so it looks like it's taking off!

If this is made into a set, here are some additions that I couldn't make but Lego can; Sliding doors, foldout bed, a Macra (giant crab), and mini figures like the tenth Doctor and Martha.

Thank you for reading and please support!