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Test Trucks


Greetings from LoneCoyote and LegoBricker! (


Introducing yet another set of vehicles and joint project between myself and LegoBricker, Test Trucks. When car companies are testing out there concept vehicles, they will put weird graphics on them to confuse people. Well, me and LegoBricker thought it would be a great idea to duplicate these graphics onto a Lego vehicle. So we took two trucks, and put an alternating pattern of black and white 1x1 plates on them. Now this would take quite sometime to build, but provide hours of fun! The way the smaller trucks hood is built, i was impossible to do the pattern, so we kept it plain black. The bigger truck has everything, including headlights, and most of the taillights covered whilst the smaller truck has headlights, and taillights, uncovered. The total number of pieces in this set is 869 pieces which is extremely high parts count for vehicles. Lego could lessen the parts count by building the trucks in a solid color, and then doing decals.

Thank you all for supporting! It is much appreciated by myself and LegoBricker.


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