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2-Story Mansion


Hello!  I decided to submit a mansion.  It includes a Bathroom, Dining Room, Kitchen, Library, Parlor, Sewing Room, Kid's Bedroom, 2 Hallways, Music Room, Master Bedroom, Master Bathroom, and Closet in the Master Bedroom.

The Library includes 11 bookcases and a glass-top table.  The Sewing Room includes wallpaper, boards, and a spinning wheel.  The dining room has a place for dining and a cabinet.  The kitchen has a counter and a coffee maker.  The Bathroom has a claw-foot bathtub and a vanity.  The living room has a couch, stairs, and a glass-top table.  The parlor has a couch, statue, and a ship-in-a-bottle.  The Kid's Bedroom has a waist bin and carpet flooring.  The Hallway has 3 Bookcases and a Loft into the Library and the Living Room.  It also has 2 plants on some short columns.  The Master Bedroom has a bed and a candle,  and also a door to the closet and a door into the bathroom, which has a shower and a rug, and also a drain decal on a 2x2 tile for the first time.  The music room has wallpaper, a piano, and an accordion.

Thanks for looking and come again!

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