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SANTA'S Sleigh

I was so happy when LEGO came out with the "WINTER VILLAGE" Series because it was a major inspiration for one and all. I designed the Winter Chapel and a sleigh to take a church goer to the chapel. Then I thought...SANTA'S SLEIGH! I did plenty of research and used a HALLMARK COLLECTIBLE Christmas Ornament as my inspiration. As newer pieces came out the sleigh idea grew! I am still surprised with the 2 sleighs LEGO came out with none used the 'helicopter' base as I did! It is a perfect piece to use as you can see from the picture above! the helicopter base gave room on the back to add a chest that would hold a 'blanket' for SANTA as he visits the cold areas of the world! With the inclusion of last year's elf mini this was a perfect place to showcase them once again, one feeds the horse while the other has his 'walkie-talkie' to communicate with SANTA! As you can see I 'borrowed' last year's WINTER VILLAGE MARKET's horse and made improvements from my first SANTA's SLEIGH (for pictures of my first attempt - please, visit my MOCpages entry: Sleigh Bells Ring or Jingle Bells link: And since it has a "real" animal pulling the sleigh it is far different from the 2 LEGO produced so far! Also this has the "real elves". This would be the other "give-a-way" to VIP members with my Visit to St. Nick (accepted for publication - February 7, 2014). His headlights lead the way and this sleigh is full of details and with 10,000 SUPPORTERS it may be ready to fly into your collection!

The rear view revealing the chest and the detail of the SIGNATURE WINTER VILLAGE CHRISTMAS WREATH! And of course SANTA'S Bag full of presents and a magic wand! I want you to know this was designed and documented on MOCpages: Added January 22, 2011 and it has had so far: 3,899 visitors!

Side view for you to see! Also perhaps the helicopter base could be LEGO's pearlized gold as well as the part that connects the horse to the sleigh!

A bird's eye view! The horse could also be brown with the same markings on it's head!

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