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Detailed Furniture Set - Red


My idea consists of six main parts

-a bunk bed desk with a shelf and it's chair

-a coffee table and it's stool

-a recliner

-a chest of drawers

I attempted to create them as proportional, realistic, and stylish while at the same time allowing them to keep their function, intending to satisfy both modular and playful collectors of Lego. The desk and bed are separable by removing the ladder and shelves on the sides (see pictures) for easy play and to allow you to switch from a bunk bed to a normal bed. The desk has a miniature chest of drawers and mini fridge (mailbox piece) as well, and I created the large chest of drawers to open and close like the real thing. As you can see, the main colors I used during the creation of this model are red, grey, and dark grey, but the color scheme can be altered, possibly to light blue and orange, orange and black, navy blue and dark grey, lime and light green, yellow and black, white, etc. (I would love to hear color suggestions in your comments!) 

And of course, you can't have a room without ACCESSORIES! I have three lamps (look familiar?*), money, hats, a water bottle and mugs, an eyeball, a popsicle, and more (I would also love your suggestions on ONE PIECE accessories). One accessory I am proud of is the desktop. The Lego desktop has been a puzzle that many Lego enthusiasts have yet to figure out, and most I've seen are a hinged piece with a flat 1x2 on top. However, I figured out how to create a simple realistic looking desktop that resembles something Apple would make.

WARNING: In the pictures you may see some of the accessories on the shelf, please note putting them on the shelf is a nearly impossible, and keeping them there during play is also impossible. I do not suggest doing this in play, however leaving the up as a model is quite impressive.


* The lamps are from the Big Bang Theory Set