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Red Dwarf Sleeping Quarters


Three million years from Earth, the mining ship Red Dwarf. It's crew: Dave Lister, the last human alive; Arnold Rimmer, a hologram of his dead bunkmate and a creature who evolved from the ship's cat. Message ends.

Additional: Our biggest enemy is going space crazy through loneliness. The only thing that helps me maintain my slender grip on reality is the friendship I share with my collection of singing potatoes.

Additional, additional: Over 400 Lego pieces have been used to recreate this classic Red Dwarf set including a fully functional rotating toilet! Lister is playing his guitar. Rimmer is putting him on report for playing his guitar, the cat is looking for his little fishy and Kryten is cleaning. The scutters are repairing the holly hop drive and Talkie toaster is trying to figure out why a diet of nothing but toast is a bad thing. I am Holly the ships computer with an IQ of 6000, the same IQ as 12,000 car park attendants.

Since 1989 the boys from the dwarf have made us laugh, cry and despair (thanks for the memories!).

Relive, recreate and reimagine classic scenes from Red Dwarf.

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