Product Idea

The Battle for Esoog Outpost

Help the noble and valiant Diacterians fight against the evil, oppressive Flame Empire in this crucial battle for Esoog Outpost.  This set, which I designed on Ldd, includes six minifigures, three Flame Troopers and three Diacterian rebels, fighting for their lives.  It is made up of 537 Lego pieces, all thoughtfully and carefully arranged. 
This brand new outer space adventure is sure to be fun for children and adults of all ages. Here is a bit of the story to go along with it:

The squad was ready.  They were on board three different cruisers, approaching Esoog.  The Diacterian general was aboard one cruiser, speaking, "Though it is but an outpost, we are but rebels so it's even.  Every Flame outpost is heavily protected, especially this particular one.  I expect you all to come back victorious!" The ships landed on the rocky plain at the edge of a forest. A geyser was spotted in the middle of the rocks.  The squads stepped out. "We will inform you if something goes wrong." The general said.  For they were Diacterians, they had to expect the unexpected, and realize that people would be lost.

I hope you all like this awesome set, and of course the story that goes along with it.  Also please support my other creations, and please follow me.  Have a great day!