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Tara's Drill Press, Belt Sander, and Disk Sander


Working hard creating things to make the world a better place is what we all strive to accomplish. Combining the joy of hard work and the creativity of play inspired this second shop tool set..

Built on an 8 x 8 flat, Tara's Drill Press, Belt Sander, and Disk Sander set is designed to create a connection between parents and children as they go about their separate lives at work and home. Children can connect with their parents daily lives when they leave and parents can share their daily lives with their children in play. This set is also designed around a female worker to illustrate the importance and ability of females in today's world.

What better way to spark a child's interest in building a better future than to use play to explain the real world skills their parents use at work. This will also contribute to building and strengthening a lasting shared experience.

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