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Dublin Bus


This is a lego version of the buses used by the Dublin Bus company in Ireland. it has a colour sceme of earth blue, dark azur and bright yellow. It also comes with a small bus stop build and a bus driver. The black tiles on the bus represent screens that have 33 on them in orange letters, they will either be printed tiles or stickers. The round black plates on the bus stop sign have the stop number and the logo also either printed or stickers. The full set has a total of 272 pieces. The roof and the second floor can come off so you can access the different floors. It doesn't come with extra minifigures but both floors have room for some minifigures. The driver has a computer screen for collecting the money. At the back it has angled plates to give it a slightly pointed shape at the back. All in all this is more of a playable set than a collector's set.

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