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Arvus Lighter


Hello, everybody!

Let me introduce my new project: Arvus Lighter.

The Arvus Lighter is a small, general purpose cargo shuttle that is widely used by the Imperium of Man for many tasks, both in space and on the surface of planets. The Arvus is commonly used by both Imperial Navy warships and Imperial merchant vessels, including Rogue Traders. The Arvus is just one of many types of small, void-capable shuttles used by the Imperium. The Arvus is piloted by a single pilot, and is not equipped with any weapon systems, in fact, the Arvus possesses only the most basic navigation equipment, external sensors, and proximity alarms. The Arvus has a powerful engine that allows it to carry heavy cargo to and from a planet's surface.

I tried to make it the splitting image of a original shuttle with as many details as possible, so I think you would like it's looking or even can play with it ;)

So, if you want the Arvus Lighter to be a trim of your shelf, vote for the project and share the link with your friends and followers, the project has to reach 10,000 supporters!

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