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The Sherlock Project: Sherlock's Flat


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The Sherlock Project

It all started on the gallery when I was scrolling through the posts and realized that the two most popular shows are probably Sherlock and Dr., Who (both British Broadcasting Channel). So after thinking carefully I decided the most popular of the two must be Sherlock. Now this was before I even watched the show. I went on the internet and got a cover photo of Sherlock and Watson and made it out of legos.

But after I watched the show I realized I could do better, so I popped the disc into the computer and began working. First I made the characters then I decided to go an extra step and make the flat. There was no need of the rest of the flat, only the living room and kitchen. It took me two days to build and is by far my favorite project ever:

It is ten bricks tall, 32, studs wide and 42 studs long and is 1,452 bricks total.

I started with the living room. First I made the entrance then slowly worked my way around that. The floor is a brick tall with large grey plates on the bottom, random colorful plates on top of that and the tiles you see on the very top. I left open spaces to put regular plates and jumper plates, that way I could place the furniture. In the center you can see Sherlock’s work table and I stacked up 2x2 jumper plates of random colors to represent stacked books.

At first I feared that I wouldn’t be able to make the bookshelves be built into the wall but then I realized I could double the wall and have the shelves serve as part of the inner wall. Even though the fire place was never actually lit in the show I figured it would look livelier if I lit it. Watson’s chair was a problem at first so I decided to stick with the simple chair look, were as Sherlock’s chair was more complicated but it still looks comfortable looking (despite the fact that it’s made out of legos.)

Sherlock’s couch was easy, and the chess board was easier but the chair on the right hand side was a bit of a challenge and so was the bull skull. When I first made it, it was so big that it didn’t fit. It was hard to make it small enough and still capture the look. But at last I found a solution. I don’t know why Sherlock put his headphones on it in the first place. Anyway, the green 1x1 brick on the table is supposed to serve as a rubix cube.

The kitchen was made by one screen shot and was the easiest part of the flat, with a grey banana as a sink faucet and an oil can as a welding torch. I added some beakers around the magnifying glass to make it a bit more realistic.


The Set would include the following minifigures:


Mrs. Hudson

Mary Morstan Watson

Sherlock Holmes

John Hamish Watson

John Hamish Watson (Sloppy)

John Hamish Watson (Mustache)

Jim Moriarty

Mycroft Holmes

Molly Hooper (Lab Coat)

Molly Hooper (Wedding Dress)

Detective Inspector G. Lestrade

Sally Donovan




Thanks for reading.

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