Contest Entry

Where's my wand Hermione?!

I’ve chosen a very specific scene from TDH1. It’s after Hermione and Harry survive the visit to Godric's Hollow and apparate to the Forest of Dean. Harry comes round and leaves Perkins’ tent. 

Hermione is sat up on a small embankment reading a book by a tree, a blanket over her knees and in front of a cooling fire.

Here, Hermione reveals to Harry that his wand was broken in the fight at Godric's Hollow. He’s lost everything, even his wand. 

But back to the tent... I only build with bricks I own, and as soon as I saw this contest I knew I wanted to use the tent from 2008’s 7624 Indiana Jones set, Jungle Duel. I used Cho Chang's skirt as Hermione's blanket. 

Because the tent is bigger on the inside than the outside, I’ve chosen to micro scale the interior just like the giant Hogwarts set, so there's bunk beds, chairs and the stove. I’ve only got two micro figures, so I’ve put two in here to represent Harry and Hermione having the dance from earlier in the film. 

I hope you like it!