Contest Entry

The Helpful Land Rover

This small town has a big christmas tree every year, but this year it fell over! No one knew what to do until someone came along with a Land Rover and said they could pull the tree back up. No one really believed this, how could this vehicle, dwarfed by the tree, be able to pull it up? Even with their doubts, they couldn't think of any other solutions so they hooked the Land Rover up to the tree. Then, they watched astonished as the Land Rover drone forward and pulled the tree back up. Everyone was filled with joy, their christmas had been saved! But that's not the end of this Land Rovers story. On it's way home it heard some dogs barking and pulled over to see what was happening. Somebody had been dou sledding, but lost control! And now his dogs were stuck in a deal unreachable pit! Or at least that's what he though untill the Land Rover came over. After hearing about what happened the driver uses the Land Rovers trustworthy all wheel drive to go down into the pit and save the dogs!