Contest Entry

A Classic Vintage


You'll feel a million dollars as you cruise the road in this classic vintage...
This idea was inspired by the 1960's-1970's but it was mainly designed myself with what I imagined would be a vintage I would love to own.

I chose an open top because it gives a vintage feel to the car as well as giving easy access for removing and placing minifigures. The car fits two figures with low doors for easy access.

The colour orange was chosen because I think it gives a different look for Lego cars and all because all the pieces exist in these colours.

A stability check was done in and came back with no warnings so this car is stable and strong.

The car went through a number of re-designs as I tried to create something that would look nice cruising the streets of the
Diner set. I didn't go for vintage 1930's or 1980's for I think that is a little too early and late for the Diner so hopefully this is alright.
The car has 214 pieces 

I would love to know what you other Lego fans think. :-)