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Build any bot with Ani-Bot! Ani-Bot is the interchangeable animal robot that can be used by kids of all ages! Kids can express their creative side and be introduced to robotics! The body parts contain DUPLO studs to allow for customization beyond just swapping parts between the base sets!

Ani-Bots act like real animals (minus the emoji eyes they all have), but can also be plugged into a computer for charging and coding through a USB port in the back of the head (which is covered for small kids). They can be “taught” tricks and additional behaviors through coding such as “record”, “repeat”, “find…”, “target…” and others. They come preset with the voice commands “sit”, “stay”, “fetch”, “come”, “beg”, “shake”, “speak”, “wake up”, and “sleep”.

While all base Ani-Bots will respond to these commands, they may look different if you swap parts! But don’t worry, the Ani-Bot knows which parts are connected to it and will change the reaction accordingly. For instance, an Ani-Bot with a dog head, a lizard body, bird wings, rabbit back legs, and a cat tail; knows in order to walk forward it must keep the bird wings still so the rabbit legs can kick and propel the Ani-Bot forward with a jump. 

Each Ani-Bot will come with nine parts: four legs, a body, a head, a tail, a charging cord, and a toy the Ani-Bot can fetch. The “fetch” command will lead it to the nearest Ani-Bot object it can sense via Bluetooth.  They can also be programmed to target and find certain colors with a command. Once an Ani-Bot targets a color, they with sit and stay in front of that color until told otherwise. If they are told to find a color, they will stand and speak twice to alert that its been found.

All the Ani-Bots are roughly the same size to allow for ease of swapping parts between the sets. Each Ani-Bot also has its own unique way of moving that is preset into each part. Emotion is shown with sounds, eyes, and movement of the tail and ears. Each Ani-Bot contains sensors to avoid objects while walking.