Contest Entry

Mission control center




Lego Voice Controller (LVC) will be in the heart of a set, representing the stages of a space program. Device will be contolled by smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth technology. It will have one power input port and adjustable 2 x 4 output ports. The space set will include:

1.Training Camp – In this section minifigures astronauts will be exposed at high gravitational forces. The rotating speed of the centrifuge will be voice controlled. The LVC will recognize the different G setting, like “Start”, from “G1” up to “G10” and “Stop”.

2.Engineering Department – Here the space modules are designed and tested by the kids. All created modules can be attached to a special crane. It will simulate several harsh conditions. Vibrations during the lift off will be tested with unbalanced weight and a motor (M). Hard landings can be re-created with short, repeating drops. All these will be driven by the same motor but with different gear parts attachments, selected by clutch. The LVC will be able to recognize the different stress test commands, like “Start/Stop vibration test” and “Start/Stop drop test”.

3.Launch Pad and Mission Control – Kids who play with the set will have checklists. Procedures will be performing with lights and sounds. For example, one of the kids says, “Pressurize the cabin”, LVC recognize it and makes gas noise. Other kid confirms by saying, “Checked” and LVC is waiting for the next command from the pre-installed list. Other commands can be “Activate navigation” which lights cabin instruments or “Fuel check” which makes some sound effect. When all is checked, after saying “Initiate start” the kids starts with the countdown- coolest moment for me. “10, 9,... 3, 2, 1 and liftoff…”. During this final stage, main thrusters lights in bright fast pulsing colors; support arms detach, sounds are performed; vibration motor from the Engineering Department (2) shakes the launch pad and the rocket.

I hope you like the idea. Thank you for your time.
Best regards,
Gregory Bak.