Contest Entry

Professor Bricky, Your LEGO Trainer For Daily Challenges


Professor Bricky, your personal LEGO trainer, is specially designed to provide you with a new LEGO challenge everyday. In his LEGO brain, thousands and thousands of unique LEGO challenges are waiting for you. Professor Bricky nourishes your curiosity and your thirst for new LEGO creations. Challenges would go from “Today’s challenge:build a blue dragon with red eyes and green tail!” to “Today’s challenge:build a magical tower taller than you!”. Professor Bricky also gives you tons of encouragements, from “Keep on the good work!” to “You’re a true Builder!”

I have imagined Professor Bricky as a big LEGO head, like the LEGO Storage Head (5005527 or 5005528), but with a scholar beard and wearing glasses. No activation button, no On/Off switch. All you have to do is to ask Professor Bricky for a new challenge.

This idea is very important to me and I think it could solve 2 major problems. 1st, I noticed there are a lot of unhappy persons in the world. Unhappy because of boredom, loneliness and sadness. LEGO is the cure to unhappiness. I know it because I experienced it myself. LEGO brings happiness in your life by making you proud of yourself and bringing a smile on your face. It also strengthen your will by making you going always further in your LEGO searches and discoveries, your LEGO ideas and your LEGO creations and inventions. 2nd, lots of people aren’t training their brain on a daily basis, the reason often being that they find it boring to do so. The consequences of that are very damageable. With time, people tend to forget more and more things, to become more and more embittered and to lose faith in themselves and, further, in life. LEGO is the most imaginative, practical and valuable training you could give to your brain. Memory, traction control, idea development, thought effectiveness, creativity enhancement, clear and fluent language, even healthy behaviour, are all positively affected by building LEGO.

One LEGO challenge a day, keeps unhappiness away! J