Contest Entry

Music Assistant


If you play a musical instrument, you may enjoy the assistance of this device. Essentially, all it is is an A.I. box, a speaker and a microphone. None of these are currently available in LEGO form, but for this contest, we'll pretend they are.

How it works:
  1. User turns on the A.I. box, which    also acts as a power supply for the microphone and speaker.
  2. When practicing, user may call out a note or chord, for example, 'G Flat', 'A Sharp', 'D minor chord', etc.
  3. This is picked up by the microphone, which broadcasts to the A.I. box. 
  4. A.I. sends signal to speaker, which plays the requested keys, until the user says 'stop'.

This device would be very beneficial to anyone who wishes to play a musical instrument with extra chords and notes for an added effect. Anyone can use it, and it will help musicians, young and old, to play their instruments better.

If you like this concept, please comment. I love getting feedback!

Thank you for reading! :)
 - StudChicken