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Voice-Controlled City Vehicles - LEGO City Drive! System


Introducing the LEGO City Drive! System

The LEGO City theme is fast and exciting. Police cars, fire engines, dump trucks, and mass transit all bustle around your LEGO City everyday. But what if you could control them with your voice?

The LEGO Drive! System lets you build custom City vehicles, controlling their motion just by calling out directions. 


  • You shout, “Fire truck, there’s a fire at the bank!” and the engine leaves the station, following a color-coded line through your streets and stopping when it reaches the bank.

  • You say, “Dump truck, the construction site needs a load of gravel!” and a yellow truck barrels through the streets and arrives with its payload.

How It Works...

The LEGO Drive! System uses a unique set of lines embedded in the ABS pavement - either use special painted LEGO City baseplates or switch to “tile mode” to design your own brick-built streets. When a model reaches a unique tile or sticker - specially coded for its destination keyword - it knows to stop.

The system is powered by a special base station hub containing a powerful microcomputer and 360 degree microphone array. The base station communicates wirelessly with each vehicle, sending commands as the user calls them out. A base station can control up to 20 different vehicle chassis. 

Users choose from a bank of over 50 approved keywords to assign to each of the vehicle chassis in their collection, then build the vehicle of their dreams to drive around town. Vehicle chassis come in two sizes. Light are ideal for cars and small vehicles. Heavy is perfect for trucks and busses. Each vehicle chassis has a built in rear-wheel drive motor and front end steering servo.