Contest Entry

The Incredi-BBQ


There is no better family moment than a family get together for a cookout.   It is all the more INCREDIBLE when it's a barbecue at a park with the Parr Family.   

This build features:

  • Mr Incredible grilling cheeseburgers with a spatula and propane grill which he has no problem lifting around with his super strength.  He features posable arms and legs.
  • Mrs. Incredible (Elastigirl) is stretching out with a plate of cooked burgers.  Her head can rotate to watch Jack Jack during the picnic.
  • Violet is off to the side starting to eat one of the first completed burgers.   She is built on a rotating piece so she can quickly turn away if she is feeling shy.
  • Dash is always running off and this is no exception.  He is running here with a fine looking burger.   His arms are able to swivel to give him a few different running poses.
  • Jack Jack is in a mostly technic stroller with his favorite doll
  • A picnic table with turkey, corn, fruits, carrots, and ketchup and mustard bottles.