Contest Entry

The Epic Battle of the Sky, who shall win....

"Oh no, the AirShip Raven is under attack by the dreaded robots of Zor'Ton, will the brave Captain Brick Beard and his crew survive the attack?...only time will tell."

Well, after much thought, I have created my entry....what I created is a cool looking Pirate ship. I was going to make it on the high seas, but I thought the ski might look cooler, so I turned into the Airship Raven.

Now I was going to make a nice BG and some special effects....but I decided against that. Many others do have the programs to that, so I decided to make the project as if I was building it, "in real life". Every element is attached to the Baseplate and the robots are attached to the ship.

I truly hope others can appreciate what I have made....good luck to everyone.

Thank you.