You're back in the middle of a space battle with Darth and get
suddenly a huge desire for a pizza.
Or you're stuck in an asteroid belt, and you have to have a clear thought before
first of all, you can beat a pizza.
You know what i am talking about - your Problem is HOW TO GET A PIZZA - FAST!

What are you doing? Of course you order a space pizza - at the fastest pizza delivery service of the

The super fast spacecraft uses its stylish drive not only to accelerate but also
to make the pizza extra crispy ...

Including minifigure and pizza, the set consists of 222 parts.
There are two side supports so that the ship does not tip over.


Special features:

You can open a flap at the rear to push the pizza in the oven. To realeas it you have to push a brick and the pizza falls down - a bombshell delivery.


If you like it - please order your pizza here and vote for it!   :)

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