Contest Entry

Teaching Aliens How To Build



The aliens might know more things than us, but they surely don't have LEGO. So why not teach them how to build with LEGO.



Mike is our LEGO astronaut and he was sent to the Moon to meet 9 different aliens species. He brought with him 1 LEGO sets to show and build with the aliens.


The aliens are:

  1. Blube - her name's coming from Blue and Cube (Blu+be)
  2. YelO - his name is a mixture between Yellow and a circle (Yel+O)
  3. Thrink - her name is combining Three and Pink (Thr+ink)
  4. Minifi - this cute robot-like alien is named after Miniature + Fire (Mini+fi)
  5. Quark - his kind looks like Question Mark, so Qu+ark
  6. Bushi - meaning warrior in Japanese. He is small, but cute
  7. Trapezo - this dragon looking alien's name is shorten from Trapezoid
  8. Uazo - cute, little bird-like alien. The name is transcripted from the French word Oiseau (bird)
  9. Lil Gre - he is small and green, so Lil from little and Gre from green.

The set contains a total of 184 pieces.