Terraforming Mars


Version with existing part colors

Thanks to some comments in the latest blog post about the this contest, I read the FAQ and there was an update to it that mentions how you are only supposed to use parts in exisiting colors. I have created this updated version of my entry with existing part colors. You may notice that I had to update some of the build. This is because the parts I had originally chosen were not currently available in the correct colors. I was surprised how I was able to stay true to my original design while only having to slightly update a few parts.

Edit to below update...

Apparently, the image viewer box does not display for updates, so you cannot use your mouse to cycle through the images and make the images come to life. However, if you save them to your computer, you can use your right keyboard arrow key to make the TERRA-FB 1 fly.

Thanks for voting and spreading the word!

Image sequence with updated sleeker design!

Click through the below images and watch the TERRA-FB 1 in action as it flies around in circles, spraying water and shooting seeds! If you look close enough, you might even see the sprout pop up! 

I created a GIF for this, but unfortunately GIF's cannot be attached in the updates. So this will have to do for now. You will also notice I made some design improvements that make the TERRA-FB 1 look a bit more sleek.

Hint: if you use your keyboard's right arrow key when you scroll through the images, you can see the animation easier.


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