LL2019 Interceptor


Fleet and Hangar

Welcome back to an impossible-to-access update! Hopefully they make a button to link here sometime.

Anyway, I made some more pictures for y'all. The first is a look at what a fleet of these starfighters would look like flying as a group(I had to render it again for each ship at a different angle). The second is an LL2019 in the docking bay. The third is NOT intended to be a part of this model, it is a small 16x16 corner of a classic space hangar. I did not make the hangar as an entry, if you'd like to vote for something similar, several other people have made them as entries(and probably done a better job, too.)

But here it is: I ask you to please vote for this project if you'd like it to be a gift with purchase set, or if you wouldn't like it to be a gift with purchase set. Thank you very much, and good luck to you all!

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Another reminder of pics below.


This update was inspired by beowulf2478.