Classic Rocketship


Blue or Red? Oooh, a Display Model Too!

Hello! Here is The Update, where I show you some cool stuff I forgot to show you, change something, and then show you a little more. But first, hey, good job getting here! I have it from Hasan Jenson that an update button won't be added till after the competition. So here we are!

1) I realized that you have to do entries in existing part colors. Yop1172 helped me find this out. So I made it in blue. However, I really would like it if Lego produced these parts in red, because in my personal opinion red looks better on it. Please tell me your opinion!

2) I rendered a picture of the rocket sitting on a desk. It makes me want one...(sorry it's in red, that was before I changed it.)

3) A little insight into the rocket's construction. Despite what the pic looks like, it is very strong.(also red)

Thank you very much, And good luck to everyone else in the contest! If you haven't already seen them, my other entries are below:

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Thanks again, tell me if you have suggestions or want other pics!


This update was inspired by yop1172.

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