Welcome to the future of boxing-- in space! Contestants now use giant mechs to box, instead of the once-traditional boxing gloves. Now, you can do the same! Choose your contestant, which mech will you drive? Challenge a friend. Take hold of the handles, and box! Pull the levers on the back of your Roboxer, and your mech's arms will activate! Whoever disables their opponent's mech first is the Roboxing champion! 

Model features:

  • Includes 298 pieces.
  • Includes 2 minifigures: blue Classic LEGO spaceman, and a black cyborg spaceman!
  • Includes a 16x16 arena.
  • Includes 2 mechs, fire, and Classic Space!
  • Pull levers to activate the arms!
  • Roboxer mechs feature "break apart" function!
  • Mechs are situated on a turntable, and their legs are articulated to enable dodging!
  • Up to 2 players at a time!

Something else that I thought was interesting about the model, was the fact that the mech arms, and cockpits are interchangeble! This means the users can mix-and-match to construct their own Roboxing mech!

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