Beyond Earth


Beyond Earth

Humans have stared up into the night sky for thousands of years, wondering what lay beyond. In recent years, aerospace technology has allowed us to send probes and people beyond our planet! This space probe continues on that journey to find out more about our universe.

  • This set contains 201 pieces, and includes an optional display stand (seen in the 5th picture).
  • Features a communications dish, two solar panels, scientific instruments, and an ion drive.
  • Science arms and solar panels can be folded up for transport into space.
  • Solar panels can rotate to track the sun!
  • Gold foil protects the spacecraft from the harsh vacuum of space.
  • Features a wide variety of scientific instruments on two highly articulated arms!
  • Uses some interesting building techniques. The large science arm and ion drive are offset by 45 degrees from the main body using a technique I came up with, which can be seen in the video.

I made a speed build video that shows the functionality at the end.

Originally designed by me, not a model of an existing spacecraft. No nonexistant parts, under the 300 part limit. Base is much smaller than the 16x16 limit, and completely fits within this space when folded up.