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Happy Birthday, LEGO Ideas, and thank you!

One year ago today, LEGO® Ideas launched as the next step on our journey of crowdsourcing great LEGO products with you all; our amazing, talented, and passionate LEGO fan community. From the beginning we've been amazed and humbled at the energy you have put into creating, promoting, and supporting your projects. Without you, the success of fan-inspired LEGO Ideas sets would never have happened.

From our ambitious beginnings with our former community until now, together we've released nine unique fan-inspired LEGO sets that have each been a hit in their own right, and as of now have three more in production for release this year ... not including what is to come. Since this time last year, we've brought you BrentWaller's classic Ghostbusters ECTO-1, Alatariel's hit Research Institute, Peter Reid's neo-Classic Space walker Exo Suit, and DeTomaso's iconic Birds.

Just over the horizon we'll share news of upcoming set The Big Bang Theory, and later this year the WALL•E and Doctor Who and Companions projects will make their debuts as LEGO sets. We're looking forward to beginning the First 2015 LEGO Review when the Qualifying Period ends this Monday, May 4th at 12:00am GMT, and sharing with you the Third 2014 LEGO Review results this spring.

For now, we pause and thank you for joining us along the journey so far. Here's looking forward to future LEGO Ideas releases!

LEGO Ideas Team