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We've made updates to LEGO Ideas!

Since our last major update a month ago, our development teams have been continuing their hard work to bring more useful updates to you all based on new and old feedback. 

Let's take a look at what's been released today, ranked in order of what I'm most excited to share with you (let us know in the comments which update you're most excited about)!


Edit Your Product Ideas

It's been a long time coming, but as of today it's possible for you to edit your main Product Idea; not just create an update that lives in a separate tab! Exciting right?!

For a long time we've known that many of you continually tinker and tweak your model's design throughout the entire period of your Product Idea lifetime, however, the only way you could show this was through creating an update. The only downside is that members actively had to click on the "Update" tab to see the new versions of your model that you had created. 

Below are a couple of practical questions you most likely have in regards to editing your Product Idea. If you've got more questions about this, then please ask in the comments. 

What can I edit?
You're now free to edit your Title, Description, Images and Tags! However, we do have restrictions on how much you're allowed to edit. Afterall, a car shouldn't magically turn into a castle, right?

What are the rules for creating edits?
Edits related to your model may include:

  • Design updates that do not change the nature of your build, but rather serve to allow you to create incremental improvements. This could be minor colour changes, minor tweaks to the certain parts of your model for design/stability purposes or it could even be swapping out elements that look better or have a higher chance of being included in an official set (i.e. there are many elements from the past that we don't produce any longer).
  • Updating your images with improved photos/digital renders that better represent your model and updates of it

Edits to your title, texts and tags may include:

  • Expanding and elaborating on your texts to better describe your existing Product Idea, why you submitted it and why you think it would make a good LEGO Ideas product
  • Corrections for spelling/grammatical/layout errors
  • Embedding videos into description field to better show off your model (videos will be moderated for content relevance and appropriateness)
  • Updating tags to be more relevant to your submission

That being said, our moderation team reserves the right to not approve any edits should we determine that it changes the scope/design of your submission too significantly. 

How often can I edit my Product Idea?
You can edit each of your active Product Ideas once every 30 days. If you're the kind of member who does updates every few days or weeks, then consider rolling them into 1 larger update. Alternatively you're welcome to show smaller, more frequent updates via the "Update" tab as before.

Will my edit have to be moderated first?
To ensure your edits don't significantly alter the nature of your product idea or introduce content that is inappropriate for LEGO Ideas, your edit will have to pass through moderation. We maintain the right to refuse any updates if we determine they are inappropriate or change your submission too significantly in comparison to what members have already supported.


^ You can edit your Product Idea by visiting your Product Idea page and clicking the "Edit" button on the right hand side. 


Delete Your Product Ideas

Another feature that's been on the wish list for a long time is the ability to delete your own Product Ideas! Today that becomes a reality and very easy to do. 

You've of course always had the option of deleting your Product Ideas by flagging it to our moderation team or writing us an email. However, you've always had to wait for a confirmation and that may have taken a few days. You're now able to immediately delete your Product Idea if you wish to do so. For instance if you wish to start fresh by "tidying your profile" or if you wish to change the direction of your Product Idea to a degree beyond what we allow via the newly introduced "Edits" functionality. 

We recommend not deleting your Product Ideas unless you find it absolutely necessary as it is not reversable. 


Intellectual Property (IP) Question

We've continued developing the Intellectual Property Question tool too, which was recently introduced. We've refined it so that you will get a more precise response as to why a selected IP is not allowed. 

Please bear with us though as you might come across some IPs that are not fully updated. We do our best to keep this as updated as possible.



We've given our old badges a much awaited facelift. The new badges are more colourful and have a more modern design. Yay! 

We've also introduced a number of new badges to reward your achievements! Below are the new badges you can attain:

  • 1K Club
  • 5K Club
  • 10K Club
  • First Contest
  • Grand Prize Winner
  • Runner Up
  • First Activity
  • 5 Activities

We're planning further small tweaks to the badges coming in the not too distant future. We were just too eager to get some of these new badges to you all ASAP, since you've been patiently waiting for a long time already!

P.S. You might notice there are a couple of badges that some members have that you won't see on your profile such as the "Rebricker", "Pioneer" and "Test Labber" badges. These are badges that could only be earned at a certain point in time and can't be earned any longer.


Member visibility

For a long time we've wanted to highlight and celebrate some of our highest achieving members a little more, which is why we're rolling out special tags that will follow around 10K Club members to indicate their achievements. You'll be able to see these tags in the comments, on their profiles and anywhere else where their profile is shown. You can see if a member is a 10K Club member by the red "10K Club" badge next to their name or the red ring around their profile image, as shown below!

As you know, it's not an easy task gaining 10,000 supporters. They've got many talents that range from model building to promotion to gauging what others might find of interest, to much more, and for this we'd like to commend them. 


Let us know your feedback

Did you know that you can always send us feedback about what you think doesn’t work or how you envision LEGO Ideas could change for the better?

To consolidate and get a better overview of all your feedback, we’ve added a new feature to our support portal ( The “I suggest you” feature allows you to:

  • Submit an idea for improving the LEGO Ideas experience
  • Vote for and comment on improvement ideas that other members have already submitted

Instead of sending us your ideas for improvements or feature requests via email or in blog comments (you’re still welcome to do so of course), we’d prefer if feedback such as this is made via the “I suggest you” feature. By voting for your favourite ideas you give us an indication of what concerns you or what you’re longing for the most, so that we can investigate how feasible it is for us to implement this.

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