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A few new features and bug fixes on LEGO Ideas

Today we released the first of several batches of improvements and fixes to LEGO Ideas. This update is based on a list of both features and bugs our team has prioritized after observing the LEGO Ideas experience to date, and reading the great feedback many of you have sent us.

While there are quite a few small improvements, we'd like to highlight one big improvment; the Discover Page:

  • Discover page remembers where you left off – No more losing your place when you click back to the Discover page from a project in the same tab. The Discover page now remembers your search and position on the page, even if you’re several “pages” down.
  • Filter by Project State – By default, the Discover Page now shows projects Gathering Support. When sorting by “Most Supported,” you no longer need to wade through a list of projects already at 10,000 supporters. You can also browse by projects that have achieved 10,000 supporters, are currently in Review, approved, in production, on shelves, were recently updated, or even not approved.
  • Browse former Staff Picks on the Discover page – Want a list of old Staff Picks, after they’re no longer on the homepage? Check the box for “Filter by Staff Picks” on the Discover page, and it will show all current and former Staff Picks starting today (since it's a new feature, we weren't able to list picks from before today). See a list of really great projects the LEGO Ideas team loves,* and even search within just staff picks if you like!


This release also fixes a few pesky bugs, including:

  • Mobile log-in screen scrolling issue
  • Projects you follow not appearing on your Following list
  • Fixed broken profile Activity feed badge links


Our development team is already working on the releases that will follow over the months to come. If we haven’t yet addressed your feedback, hold tight, many of the more popular requests are already prioritized in our development backlog. To make sure we consider your feedback, you’re always welcome to email us at

* Curious about Staff Picks? This article gives a little background about Staff Picks and how and why we choose them.