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Sage Advice From Savvy Designers - Part 4

In this last edition of Sage Advice From Savvy Designers, LEGO Designers Mark, Sam and Mathew, dive into why it's important to be able to sell your idea.

Once you've specified who your audience is, you can integrate that insight into how to sell your idea to other fans and even the LEGO Review Board. 



Questions that you should ask yourself should include:

  • What is your hook? What is it about your title or main image that will attract people to believe in your idea? Consider this in the context of sharing content on social media where it's important to be very concise in order to entice people to read more.

    For instance, if you're submitting a project containing a building inspired by the style of the LEGO Architecture sets, you may have specified architects as a target group to gather supporters. To sell your idea to them, you'd need to make sure you have a clean looking cover image as they may be more likely to be drawn in by great presentation than others might. 
  • How can you boil it down to what's essential or popular about your project, and what will it add to people's lives? 

    It's critical for a project to have a clear purpose. Ask yourself the big question "why would people want to spend their money on this set?". Would you yourself want to support it or buy it if you saw it on store shelves? If you can identify your project's unique selling point then make sure to let others know what's so special about your project.

Thanks for tuning in over the last few weeks and for sharing many of your own great tips as well. In the spirit of "Feedback & Criticism" (Sage Advice From Savvy Designers - Part 2) please do let us know if you've enjoyed the videos and found them helpful, or if there is something about them that you have not. That way we can learn more about what you (our audience) like or dislike, and therefore improve going forward.


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