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Contest Winners - Show us your Junker-inspired interpretation of an Overwatch hero

Junkertown is now filled with your incredible LEGO® Overwatch heroes, an amazing 310 of them! If you'd like to take a look at them all, click here. But I imagine you're here to see the winners, so here they are!:

In no particular order...

Prize Winner #1

Junkertown Winston by o0ger

Here's what our judges said about the first winning design: 

Great use of the Chima head! The chain saw is great as well as the red armour parts! Very cool Build!


Prize Winner #2

Junkertown Hanzo by BallomNomNom

Here's what our judges said about the second winning design: 

Fantastic build! Great mix of system and Bionicle parts! And all the textile elements take it to another level! Congrats!


Prize Winner #3

Junker Orisa by AlexWeigelt

Here's what our judges said about our third winning design: 

Great Orisa! Just enough recoloring to give her the Junker look but keeping her true essence! All the small details on the shoulders are terrific! Bravo!


Prize Winner #4

JunkerTown Winston by Legofin.

Here's what our judges said about winning design number 4: 

Terrific Winston! The Hat, backpack and gun give him a great Junker look! The tubes and chains add a lot to the build as well! Fantastic!


Prize Winner #5

Junkhardt by MarkNewnham1

Here's what our judges said about the fith winning design: 

Awesome mix of color and big shapes! The front vent and head details are crazy! Superb model with great posing! Love it!

Honourable Mentions

Battle on Junkertown by carloslc13


Renegade Angel (Mercy) by Krakenbrix


Junker Pharah by jssutherland00


What's Next? 

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