Six New Qualified Projects in the First 2014 LEGO Review

All right! The first LEGO Review deadline of the new LEGO Ideas platform is now upon us! Earlier this morning (12:00 a.m. GMT to be exact) the deadline passed for projects to qualify for the First 2014 LEGO Review. Click here for more information on the LEGO Review and how it works

Congratulations to the six qualifying project creators for this review period (insert YAY here)! Here are the qualifiers for the First 2014 LEGO Review:

LEGO Bird Project  


Modular Apple Store 


BTTF - Jules Verne Train  


Doctor Who 


The Big Bang Theory  


Doctor Who and Companions


Winter 2014 Review Results Coming Soon

Throughout this winter and early spring, the LEGO Review Board has been hard at work determining the results of the Winter 2014 LEGO Review. Expect to see results from that in the coming weeks. You know you want to!


The Second 2014 LEGO Review Deadline is September 1st.

Projects that reach 10,000 supporters by 12:00 a.m. GMT September 1st will be included in the Second 2014 LEGO Review. Every project over the next four months that you help reach 10k will be reviewed and considered as a potential LEGO product, so get busy and good luck!